[English] FREE SHIPPING for minimum purchased of RM40 (Peninsular Malaysia only) / [Malay] Penghantaran percuma untuk setiap pembelian minima RM40 (Semenanjung Malaysia sahaja)
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Q : Do we need to register as a member before we purchased?

A : Yes.

Q : When i purchased an item, i'm ask to register as a member and do we need to pay any fees to register as a member?

A : No, it's totally FREE. Once you register as our member, you can continue to make your purchases.

Q : Does the prices shown on the website include shipping fees and credit card charges?

A : Yes. However, for iPay88, HNL Products will bear the transaction fees of 3.5% and for Paypal, customer need to pay for the transaction fees of 3.9% + RM2. The charges is calculated based on your order’s total weight and delivery location.

Q : There is JOIN Us Now section on the website, why Name and Email address needed and what do we get out from it?

A : We need your Name and Email Address to send you email when we have offer & events on our snack foods so you will not miss any good deals from us.

Q : If you encounter problems registering, voucher, payment & etc.  who should i message?

A : You can send us using livechat (located at the bottom right by using either Email, FB Messenger or Whatsapp).


Q : What benefit do we get if we sign up as a Prepaid Membership?

A : You will enjoy different rates of discounts when you sign up different plans plus you will also enjoy FREE SHIPPING but you need to order minimum 10kg.

Q : How much discounts can we get?

A : Discounts is based on the Membership plan that you choose. For eg: If you choose Standard Plan, you need to pay RM250 and you will enjoy 5% discount plus FREE SHIPPING.

Q : Is FREE SHIPPING available for all countries?

A : We do not provide FREE SHIPPING for Sabah, Sarawak and other countries at this moment. FREE SHIPPING is for Peninsular Malaysia only.

Q : What if we use up all our credits?

A : You can top up your credit by selecting the desired Prepaid Membership if you need more discounts

For eg: (1st register): See table below.

Membership First And Each Top Up Required Minimum per order Discount
Standard RM 250 10kg 5%

(Top up): You need to top up your credit in full to enjoy discounts. if you top up RM500, means you will be converted to Golden Plan to enjoy discounts of 7%. See table below.

Membership First And Each Top Up Required Minimum per order Discount
Standard RM 250 10kg 5%
Golden RM 500 10kg 7%
Diamond RM 1000 10kg 9%
Utimate RM 2500 10kg 12%
VIP RM 5000 10kg 15%

Shipping and Delivery

Q : How long does it takes for delivery?

A : For Peninsular Malaysia, the estimated delivery is 1 to 3 working days. As for Sabah and Sarawak, the estimated delivery is 4 to 5 working days.

Q : What is the shipping fees?

A : You can refer our Shipping & Delivery page for our shipping fees. However, when you make the purchased, our website will be automatically calculated based on the weight following the Shipping & Delivery page.

Q : After we have made the payment, when you will ship out the order?

A : Orders will be sent on the same or next working day upon payment received. A tracking number and link will be provided after your order has been shipped out. Please kindly inform us if the items do not show up within the specific duration as mentioned.

Payment Inquiry

Q : What are the payment methods available?

A : You can refer to this link for payment methods: Payment Methods.

Q : Any charges other than shipping fees?

A : If you choose to pay using iPay88, HNL Products will bear the Paypal (without registering an account) & bank transfer transaction fees which is 3.5% and if you use Paypal, you need to pay 3.9% + RM2 for the transaction fees. If you are using Bank Transfer, screenshot your receipt and send us via live chat (located at the bottom right by using either Email, FB Messenger or Whatsapp) with your username and order number. For more info, see Payment Methods.

Return and Exchange

Q : Do you accept return?

A : Yes, please refer Return Policy for our return policy.

Q : May I know which address should I send to return the goods?

A : Kindly inform us first via live chat (located at the bottom right by using either Email, FB Messenger or Whatsapp) before any return. After successful request, you can send the goods to our address which is
2, Lorong Industri Ringan Permatang Tinggi 7, Kawasan Perindustrian Ringan Permatang Tinggi, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.

Order Inquiry

Q : Is there a minimum order?

A : There is no minimum order for normal purchased (no discounts & free shipping is excluded). However if you want to enjoy different discounts rates and free shipping, you can join in as Prepaid Membership with minimum order 10kg and Bulk Ordering, the minimum requirement is RM120 per single receipt. For more info, refer Prepaid Membership and Bulk Ordering.

Q : I'm new to your website and not sure how to make an order, is there any tutorial or description that we can refer with?

A: Yes we have. Refer How To Order.

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