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Mr. Lu Yon Set – HNL’s founder. He used 20 years of time to build HNL from a family style business to a Famous Kacang Putih (literally translated as “white nuts”) manufacturer in Penang, Malaysia. In 1998, Lu start up the business together with 2 founding partners.

At the initial period, in order to save cost and to break-even, Lu manages the business as a cottage industry. The whole process, from research and development, production, packing, sales and distribution, to marketing and management, all handled by Lu himself. Everyday after delivery, he has to rush back for material preparation for the next day. At that time, he only has 4 to 5 hours of sleep per day.

It is during that time, Lu has successfully developed a wide range of peanuts flavours – our signature curry coated peanuts, chicken flavour coated peanuts (Kacang Botak), and curry flavour tapioca chips. Lu’s relentless effort in research and development has brought the company with a steady base of regular customers and income stream.

In year 2017, due to health issue, Lu decided to hand over his business to the second generation. Today, HNL is led by a group of young, energetic and ambitious management team and key personnel. Despite the change in management team, HNL’s principle has never change since established. While traditional handmade is our persistence in this industry, HNL has always stick to our freshness guarantee’s promise to our customers – “Made Now, Sell Now”.

The new management team is eager to bring this Malaysian traditional snack food into a new interpretation and to make a mark on this sector. We hope that our customers could continue to guide us, and witness the evolution of the company. In the future, you can expect HNL to continue improve on the product quality and our customer service to better serve the community.

Currently, there are more than 30 types of products available in HNL where the hot selling item will be Chicken Flavour Coated Peanuts (Kacang Botak), Curry Flavour Coated Peanuts (Kacang Botak Kari, Kacang Tanah Kari), Tapioca Chips and Muruku Ikan Spicy. HNL’s signature products definitely are Kacang Botak and Kacang Botak Kari.

HNL snack food recipe is a closely guarded family secret. All our snack food is manufactured using selected ingredients in a clean and hygienic environment. Our quality control and stringent selection of ingredients ensures that every piece of our snack food maintain the same delicious taste before they reach our customers.



HNL preserved our authentic taste since 1998 and we use the finest food ingredients, curry powder and spices to provide a better tasting experience and to promote the inheritance of Kacang Putih industry as the traditional snack food in Malaysian culture.


HNL has always stick to our freshness guaranteed promise to our customers. We produce our snack foods daily and sell it to the consumers so that it maintains fresh in taste.


All the snack foods produced and distributed by our company are certified Halal by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). HNL's interest in Halal was borne out of social responsibility and respect for our Muslim consumers. We are firmly committed to ensure the peace of mind of all consumers.

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